Sandie Yi, "Armed & Beautiful," 2005, leather, red oak & polymer clay, Digital chromogenic print. Photo by Cheng-Chang Kuo. A woman crouches on a pedestal. She is wearing sandals with what appears to be a horn that protrude between her two toes.

Week 7: Design and Fashion: Making it Work PART 1

10/16, Tuesday:

In class: we will discuss your second project: rough draft presentation on 10/30, 11/1, and 11/6 and final due 11/11. Project description and grading rubric to be handed out in class.

Hendren, Sara. “All Technology Is Assistive: Six Design Rules on ‘disability.’” Wired, October 16, 2014.

Review “Guidelines for an adaptive technology working group”on this website:

10/18, Thursday:

In class: Student self-evaluation of participation

Pullin, Graham. “Fashion Meets Discretion.” In Design Meets Disability, 13–38. Cambridge,       Mass: MIT Press, 2009.

Watch the first video located on:

Review the following website: